‘Loving action, peaceful heart’

Friday 1st September – Monday 4th September 2017

A mindfulness retreat for young adults (18-35ish) led by the monastic students of Thich Nhat Hanh.

Held at Wiston Lodge, South Lanarkshire, Scotland.

** Registrations for this retreat close on 24th August **




About the Retreat

This autumn retreat is a time for young adults (from Scotland, the UK and beyond) to come together and deepen their practice of mindfulness. It is open to people with lots of experience in meditation and also those who are completely new to the practice of mindfulness.

The retreat will be led by a team of monastics trained personally by Thich Nhat Hanh who will travel from Plum Village in France to be with us.

This retreat will be held over 4 days, starting in the early evening of Friday 1st September, and ending after morning practice and breakfast on Monday 4th September. The retreat will be residential and fully catered, held at Wiston Lodge near Biggar.

As well as time for formal meditation practices such as mindfulness of breathing and mindful walking, the retreat will also give us the opportunity to be close to nature, to be together around bonfires, to share from the heart and listen deeply, to relax and to restore ourselves.

We will have the opportunity to explore in community such questions as:

• How can we find meaning and purpose in our life?
• How can we be peaceful, free and happy in ourselves and also act to bring healing to the world, reduce injustice, and protect the planet?
• How can we live in such a way that brings more joy, compassion and love to ourselves and others?

The Retreat Will Consist Of:

Deep Relaxation

Deep relaxation is a practice of learning to release tensions in the body and to nourish the body with feelings of ease, peace and joy. In this practice, we normally lie down so as to give the body the opportunity to rest deeply. This practice is often very enjoyable and can also bring much benefit.

Dharma Talks

Each day we will have the opportunity to listen to a Dharma talk by one of the monastics. Dharma, in this context, means “teachings on the way of love and understanding”. The talk is offered to encourage our practice mindfulness, to aid our process of self-inquiry and to provide guidance on how we can awaken and cultivate our capacities for wisdom and compassion.

Dharma Sharing

Dharma sharing is a collective practice of mindful communication. It involves sitting in a circle with a small group of other practitioners and sharing what is alive in our experience from our heart and listening to others with non-judgment and compassion. This practice offers a space to be with others. It can be healing, inspiring, and heart-warming.


At least once a day on the retreat, we will have an opportunity to be in touch with the present moment through the practice of sitting meditation. We will learn to bring our mind home to our body, to bring awareness to our experience and learn to relate with kindness and love. Walking meditation offers the opportunity to bring awareness to movement. In walking meditation we can learn the art of non-striving and being in touch with the beautiful and nourishing elements of nature.

Noble Silence

Noble silence gives us the opportunity to move into deeper quiet and stillness and connect more deeply with ourselves and what is happening in our experience. While sometimes strange at first, it can be very rewarding.

Free Time

In addition, to the scheduled activities outlined above, there will be time for doing nothing. This is an extremely important part of the retreat. So often we fill our time with incessant doing. When there is space and time on the retreat with nothing to do, it can be an opportunity to move into the being mode – connecting with others, with nature and ourselves.

What is Mindfulness?

Much of our daily lives are spent rushing from place to place, checking for updates on social media, ruminating about the past or worrying about

About Thich Nhat Hanh

This retreat will be led by monastics trained by Thich Nhat Hanh. Thich Nhat Hanh is a world-renowned peace activist, Zen Master and author of

Retreat Details

Dates and Times
The retreat will start with registration at 5pm on Friday 1st September. It will end at 11am on Monday 4th September after breakfast and morning practice/ farewells. We gently urge you to make sure you can benefit from the full experience of the retreat by attending for the entire duration.

Location and Transport
Wiston Lodge is a 19th century former hunting lodge, now a centre for Outdoor Education. The lodge is set in beautiful woodland which will provide us with some beautiful spaces for walking meditation and free time fun!

Wiston Lodge
Millrigg Road
South Lanarkshire
ML12 6HT

Wiston Lodge is an hour’s drive from Glasgow or Edinburgh. Alternatively there are buses from Glasgow and Edinburgh to Millrig Road, which is a 20 minute walk to the lodge.

Get Directions

Wake Up Scotland will not be organising transport to the retreat; have a look on our Facebook event page to offer any free car space/ for people advertising lifts.



What to bring

• Any personal meditation items you have to support your comfort in sitting meditation (cushion, mat, blanket)
• Outdoor walking gear for walking meditation (boots, waterproof)
• Warm and comfy/loose clothing
• Indoor shoes/ slippers
• Water bottle/ thermos
• Personal towel (towels will not be provided)
• Earplugs!
• Camping gear, if camping (tent/sleeping bag/ headtorch/ sleeping mat)



Are there any free places?  So as to cover the costs of Wiston Lodge, and the monastic’s travel to the UK, we are unable to offer free places on the retreat. There are however less expensive bursary places and camping spots.

I’ve never practiced mindfulness before, can I still come?  Absolutely! This retreat is open and accessible to all regardless of experience. If you want a bit of a taster before you come we recommend going along to a Wake Up evening near you if there is one. For a list of all Wake Up groups in the UK see: https://wkupuk.org/community/

Do I have to be Buddhist?  You do not have to be a Buddhist to attend. Although mindfulness originates in Buddhist traditions it is now practiced all around the world in a secular manner. This is not a Buddhist retreat, although you will experience some faith based elements, such as the ringing of bells.

Can I have a single room?  There are no single rooms available, only dormitory, we recommend camping if you would prefer a little more privacy.

What will the food be?  The food served at the retreat will be vegetarian. If you have any special dietary requirements, please contact us at info@wakeupglasgow.org and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

I am older than 35, can I still attend?  The 18 – 35 age is not intended to be exclusionary. Wake Up was started to provide a space for young people to discover the practice of mindfulness and connect with their peers. The age range is flexible – nobody will be checking passports That said the retreat is intended for young adults. If you think the retreat will be suitable for your mindfulness practice, and you identify roughly with this age group, then by all means welcome!

Will there be Wi-Fi available?  We strongly encourage you to leave all internet devices to the side whilst on retreat. If you do need to use the internet urgently it is available in the lodge.


• Dormitory standard price: £165
• Dormitory bursary price: £145
• Camping standard price: £115
• Camping bursary price: £95

Please state on your registration form which of the above you would like. We place no specific requirements for bursary places, so please just have a think honestly as to what you can manage.




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